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Since its beginnings over three decades ago, OKA has been a source of awe and inspiration for four wheel drivers all over Australia.

But OKA has had a somewhat turbulent history. There were challenges in its early design and sales were not always steady. Despite its struggles, the legendary status of this Australian four-wheel drive lives on. This can be owed to its tough and durable design, adaptable to both private and a range of industry uses, such as firefighting, military, tourism and mining. 


More importantly, its status can be owed to the people who have had the determination to carry the vision of developing this unique vehicle. After a brief dormant period following 2011, OKA All Terrain Vehicles has been revived and remains operational today with Managing Director Dean Robinson in Perth, Western Australia. 

MAY - 1985

The OKA story started when several mining based executives agreed there was a niche market for a 2 tonne all terrain vehicle.

AUG - 1985

Framont Holdings PTY LTD was established.

SEP - 1985

Framont Holdings changed to a public company with the name of OKA Motor Company LTD. Turning the concept into a reality would be up to Mike Walker, who carried the vision with some dedicated investors.


FEB - 1987

Work commenced on a freeform design prototype.

OCT - 1987

Bob Foote and Keith Webster were seconded to build a prototype OKA in a small shed in Welshpool.


JUN - 1988

Extensive testing began on the prototype, taking it all over the Australian contintent.


FEB - 1989

Work commenced on the first multicab production prototype.


NOV - 1989

Bondshaw Holdings PTY LTD became a major investor.

MAR - 1991

The first production prototype is completed with a prototype multicab module.


NOV - 1991

OKA moves to a production facility in Bibra Lake, south of Perth.


DEC - 1991

Testing is carried out on the first XT model.


APR - 1992

OKA Motor Company began full production.


APR - 1992

OKA Motor Company produces marketing video. 

JAN - 1993

OKA Motor Company team (left to right): Graham Brack, Selvandra, Graham John, Mike Henderson, Bob Fencote, Keith Webster, Frank Cizack, Vell Paari, Unknown, Paul Steading, Les James, P. Handcock & Mike Walker. 


FEB - 1994

The first left hand drive exported XT is produced. 

Soon to be Western Australian Premier Richard Court visits the factory.

OKAs are exported all over the world.


NOV - 1994

Applications for shares and options are closed, set for a float on the Australian Stock Exchange.

DEC - 1994

OKA Motor Company obtains a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. PDF.


JAN - 1995

Malaysian vehicle manufacturer HICOM invests 10% in OKA with Australian government assistance. PDF.

FEB - 1995

Malaysian vehicle manufacturer HICOM invests 10% in OKA with Australian government assistance. PDF.

MAY - 1995

Four OKAs are delivered to Puckapunyal to begin  a one year trial for the Australian Army. PDF.

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 1.57.02 pm.png

APR - 1995

The Australian Army releases a trial video.

MAR - 1996

Production ceased for 2 months after a record year of producing the LT. Nearly 120 vehicles were built, never to be matched. 

APR - 1996

Bondshaw Holdings lends the company $3.5 million to pay out its creditors and supply working capital.

MAY - 1996

Technical issues with the Rockwell transfer case were investigated and an engineering solution was implemented. The angle of the drive shaft was reduced by rotating the transfer case in the mount with limited success. Oil leaks and undue wear of internal components were lingering issues. 


JUN - 1996

Production recommences, however, it is subdued due to a lack of confidence. 

AUG - 1996

Mike Walker is interviewed in the West Australian. PDF. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 2.39.28 pm.png

OCT - 1996

Stephen Pynt is interviewed in the West Australian. PDF. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 2.44.47 pm.png

NOV - 1996

Hindustan Motors in India launched a project in collaboration with Oka Motor Company to manufacture a rural transport vehicle.

DEC - 1996

The intention for the vehicle was to be a cheap form of public transport in India, and used OKA design and engineering. 

Second photo: R. Selvendra from OKA Motor Company (left) signs the agreement with Mahidras A.S. Narayanan (right). PDF. 


AUG - 1997

OKA production ceased again, mainly due to the financial and technical difficulties associated with the transfer case. Most staff had to be let go.

JUL - 1998

Caterpillar deal lifts OKA hopes. PDF. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 3.09.48 pm.png

JAN - 1999

The last LT is produced, number 432.

FEB - 1999

Production since August 1997 had not recovered. Only 16 vehicles had been produced during this period. 

MAR - 1999

OKA restructures capital, votes for $8m share issue. PDF.

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 9.39.18 am.png

OCT - 1999

OKA eyes bourse return in revamp. PDF.

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 9.48.12 am.png

JAN - 2000

Design of the new NT model commences with a new company name, World Wide Technologies.

JAN - 2004

Work commences on the first NT.

APR - 2004

Vell Paari acquires OKA through his company Reymer.


NOV - 2004

CEO Arthur Gold is interviewed by Business News. The company receives orders from all around the world. PDF.

AUG - 2006

The first OKA NT is delivered to Ruedi & Susi Schoensleben.


2007 - 2011

OKA production is steady.

JAN - 2011

CEO Arthur Gold is interviewed by Business News, reflecting on the OKA identity, its loyal market as well as changing demands. PDF.

MAY - 2011

NT production ceases, with the last NT OKA delivered to Wilderness Challenge.

KPMG produces the results of an audit. It contains allegations of misappropriation of funds directed at the CFO Tom Kosserkas and CEO Arthur Gold.

JUN - 2011

CEO Arthur Gold and CFO Tom Kosserkas resign.

AUG - 2011

OKA/Reymer ceases trading and begins to wind up Perth operations.

APR - 2012

Reymer sells the parts and the intellectual property for the first two models (the XT and LT)  to a new company OKA Parts Holdings trading as OKA Parts Australia.

JUN - 2012

OKA/Reymer vacates Bibra Lake factory with plans to move production materials and OKA remnants to Malaysia.


JUN - 2015

OKA Parts Australia produces the first R Series OKA.


MAR - 2017

A new company OZTERRAIN PTY LTD trading as OKA All Terrain Vehicles purchases OKA from Reymer PTY LTD.


DEC - 2018

Managing Director Dean Robinson is interviewed by Business News. PDF.


JAN - 2019

OKA ATV becomes a registered production facility.

AUG - 2020

OKA ATV commences building the prototype of the Gen-5 NT series.

APR - 2023

Gen-5 NT series is granted type approval by the Federal Government Department of Transport.

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